Double sided Screen (Front/Rear projection Screen)

Dupic Screen

Enjoy the image  360˚ from the front & rear sides of the screen with just one projector!

  • Patents registered : USA, UK, China, Korea, Japan
  • Award Winning Technology (CES Innovation)

A new projection screen film technology that has been optimized to transmit 50% of the received light while reflecting the other 50%. When applied to an acrylic panel and suspended in the middle of an open space, video of equal brightness and quality can be seen from both sides of the hanging panel for a 360° viewing experience with no heavy equipment hanging overhead. For traditional rear-screen applications, DUPIC is superior to conventional film materials in that it provides even corner-to-corner light distribution, without hot-spots.



  No hotspot
  180˚ wide viewing angle
  Fixed type or Adhesive type  to stick on the window
  Gain : 2.5 /2.5 , 1.5/1.5
  Screen size : 20”- 160”
  Material height up to 2,100mm (please check with Mocom for availability)
 Patents registered : USA, UK, China, Korea, Japan






Mocom Dupic Catalogue (2p)


Q:Is dupic transparent?
A:No. Dupic is not a transparent screen.

Q:What are the key differences between Mocom's Dupic dual projection screens and conventional rear-projection screen?
A :The Dupic film material has been specially formulated to provide exactly the same amount of reflection as transmission (50:50) while conventional rear screens have different brightness and clarity on each side. With dupic screen, you don’t get the hot spots and corner fading found with other rear screen systems. The result for the first time is the possibility of 360° viewing of images projected on glass panels suspended in mid-air. With no large box required behind the screen, weight and cosmetic issues are removed, and servicing is simplified to maintaining access to the video projector.

Q:The brightness of the image will be the same?
A:Yes. the images will have same brightness from both sides but the image will be reversed on the other side.

Q:Is dupic adhersive type re-useable?
A: No, the adhesive type is for one-time permanent use.