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Mocom Projection Screen

Curve Projection Screen for simulator

Mocom’s multi channel curved projection screen (multi-channel) is custom made upon your request.

Any degree and shape of the screen is available for single or multi-projector displays.

  • Gives a sense of immersion
  • For visualization applications
  • For multi-channel simulation displays
  • Excellent for museum or exhibitions
  • Excellent for training simulators  : flight simulators, driving simulators, military simulators…

Please contact us for more information.



  Tensioned screen/ field assembling
  3 material available

1. Model : MH3DC / MHW3DC – 3D Silver material (Height upto 3,150mm) up to FOV 120º
2. Model  : HSC , HSWC/ HSRC – High gain (7 gain)  film material (seamless height upto 1,660mm) up to FOV 120º
3. Model : MMWC – low gain (1 gain) material (seamless height up to 3,000mm) – any degree








Mocom Curved Screen Catalogue (4p)

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