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Mocom HD/3D Projection Screen

Solstice™ Essen


 2D /HD,  Passive / Active 3D  Ready projection screen !

♦  Solstice™ Cost-effective version :  82″ One size

Solstice™ series projection screens from Mocomtech are ultra-high Gain optical SD/HD/3D screens designed to be perform well under any lighting condition including bright ambient lights. Innovative materials and manufaction processes used for the Solstice projection screen deliver 18 times higher brightness when compared to a standard matte white projection screen. The specially designed, precise lens-like curvature helps eliminate hot-spots and displays only the light from the projector while diffusing ambient light.
It comes with rigid frame, one size 82″ / 16:9 ratio.
To insure the highest quality, all screens are custom made by our highly skilled craftsmen.

Ultra-High Gain Front Projection Screen
HD/UHD Resolution capable
Outstanding Color Accuracy
Rich gradation
High Uniformity with no hot spotting
Fast response time
Micro-fine diffusion lines along the scanning axis and micron sized AL particles
High polarization retention
Phenomenal 3D imaging and image depth


Model : S3D-82

  Excellent for any application
  Front projection screen / Rigid Screen
  Gain : 18
  Surface : Aluminum
  Brightness Uniformity :  Over 80% without hot spots
  82″  One size
 Ratio : 16:9 (HD)
  Frame Material : Black silicon plastic (Thickness : 45mm)







Solstice Essen Specification

Solstice Brochure (6p)

Solstice Brochure (2p)

Mocom Concave Projection Screen (Solstice™) Installation Guide

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